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Default Re: Reprising the "I don't get tree stands" post from 2013

Tree stand story. 1967, we built a 3' by 6' permanent tree stand in the 'Y' of a very large maple on private land. We built a padded seat against each side of the 'Y'. We decided to take turns using the palace in the sky. One day I was heading for it, a scruffy older man said lots of naughty words and threatened to shoot me if I got any closer. He had no idea what he was in for. At that time I was body building and had three years of intense American Karate training, I had every intention of making the ugly bastard a lot more ugly, so I waited. About 8 in the morning, i heard snoring. He was sleeping up there. About 8:15 I saw a horizontal ugly guy about half way to the ground, then a short waffling yell with a thud. Then I saw a group of deer coming across the field, heading for a shallow open hill side ravine, I went to head them off. Never saw the ugly guy again. Years back, I was one of the people that pushed the DNR to ban permanent tree stands on public property. That law needs to be tightened up to a 'leave no trace' policy for most public lands.
I have sat for many hours in tree stands and saw many interesting things and let many deer pass by, I have never killed a deer from a tree stand, although I did miss one with the first compound that i ever owned, missed it three times. I shot a deer later that year on the move, still hunting, with a Bear takedown autographed by Fred Bear himself.
For all who want to use tree stands on public land, I always suggest the Lone Wolf climber. My son uses them, they are safe, comfortable and light weight.
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