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Terms of Service / Mission Statement
 Mision Statement:

Our Mission Statement is a summarization of why we are here. The purpose of this site is to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas to benefit our fellow archers and hopefully the future of archery. The name implies “Traditional” archery, since that can have many meanings to many people, anything related to archery is acceptable for discussion, but this site is primarily concerned with stickbows, be they selfbows, laminated recurves or longbows, or Olympic style bows. Yes you can use the word compound and not be banned!

Guidelines and code of conduct:

While any forum with as broad a mission statement as ours will be in a constant state of evolution, in order to preserve some semblance of order there are a few basic guidelines we all need to adhere too. While most of these are common sense, some might not be so obvious, and we hope that you will take the time to read this to better understand our philosophy and guidelines. By doing so, you will be able to help us make this the best it can be as we pursue excellence in our own lives, our relationships, friendships and sportsmanship as well as in archery, itself.

This is the spirit of our rules.  “There are some basic rules of conduct. Everyone should feel free to express his or her opinions, ideas and experiences in an adult manner. Everyone need not feel they have to agree with everything everyone else says. When disagreements occur, however, keep it adult and civil.”

That simple statement sums up the basic code of conduct we need to follow.

If you have an opinion, we want to hear it! When debates happen, and they will, and they should, the people involved should challenge the idea, or theory, not the person making the statement. We believe the ideas, thoughts and statements should stand on their own and may the best ideas win. When that happens, we all win. It's better to be wrong and learn something than to insist on being right and remain ignorant. A wise man will always trade up for a more effective, accurate or better idea. Being wrong means you have an opportunity to upgrade and nothing more. Being wrong isn't a personality flaw and being right doesn't make one better. So, let's discuss things to our hearts content with one goal in mind; that we all learn.

We are fortunate to have a global community here and words can and do have different meanings to different cultures. Usually common sense and civility transcend cultural boundaries. The Internet is a great gathering place, but has the fault of hiding facial expressions and body language. What would be considered horseplay or ribbing amongst friends might easily be misinterpreted without the clues we are accustomed to seeing. Please consider the entire community/audience before pressing the submit key.

If you believe it necessary to post explicit images to demonstrate a point (i.e. an injury related to archery or bowhunting), a warning should be placed in the thread title. Similarly a link that is explicit should also have a very clear warning regarding the content associated with it. Explicit images containing nudity or pornography are completely unacceptable. Any material deemed inappropriate will be removed by administrators and you will be notified that your content was edited.

If you have thoughts on a certain item or manufacturer, the same principles apply. If they are negative, be objective in your criticism, state facts if possible. If you have had great success with an item, please tell us about that, too, in an objective fashion. We will not condone, accept or tolerate slander.

The Moderators can and will remove or modify posts or threads for several reasons. There are strict guidelines that administrators and moderators are required to follow and they are designed to create a pleasant and positive enfironment. We detest censorship and avoid engaging in it to the greatest extent possible but exercise the right to make judgement calls and censor content when we feel it is for the good of the community. If a message or other content must be censored, removed or altered, you may be sure that more than one moderator agreed that it was an unfortunate necessity.
Personal attacks on another member
Obscene language
Obscene or pornographic imagery
Inflammatory posting
Excessive use of unnecessary images, possibly degrading bandwidth
Use of the site for commercial promotion
Copyright infringement

Commercial promotion means using the site to promote or advertise a product or commercial enterprise with which you are involved or affiliated or with which you have a personal interest in promoting. We have sponsorship programs for commercial enterprises.

Possible copyright infringment involves the trafficking, trading or distribution of unauthorized copyright protected material to another person. This type of activity is a very serious offense which may may result in civil and criminal penalties to you and potentially to anyone in a position of responsibility in this organization.

Membership may be restricted or suspended for individuals engaging in activities designed to disrupt, defame, damage or harm TradTalk, it's members and/or management.

Before posting messages here or on any other site on the internet, please keep in mind that there is no such thing as anonymity on the World Wide Web.  Everything on the internet is stored data that can be viewed by others, not the least of which are the site administrators/owners.   We do the best we can to protect our members from invasions of privacy but we can not guarantee that and anything and everything  that transpires on this site is stored and could be reviewed by administrators and/or law enforcment/civil authorities.

That’s about it,  so please enjoy the features, tools and forums we provide for you.  We hope you make your archery experience more enjoyable and we also hope you make long lasting friendships here.

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