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: Iowa Target Report

06-04-2012, 07:34 AM
Thought I'd put in a recap of the Iowa Target Shoot yesterday. We shot the 600 round with 20 arrows at each 40, 50, and 60 yards. The weather was great at 80 degrees with no wind and not too many bugs. There were about 70 shooters there, with about a dozen of those being a JOAD group.

I shot TRAD class using my 35#@28" Dryad Epic limbs on a 21" Excell riser with flipper rest and 280 gr, 730 spine Easton Carbon One arrows.

My shooting group was the 3 FITA style recurve shooters and myself.

I was pretty happy with my shooting. I got a 447 overall with a 121 of 200 at 60 yards, a 155 of 200 at 50 yards and a 171 of 200 at 40 yards. If I'd been shooting FSL R/L class with the other guys I would have been 3rd. That would have been 25 or so points from second and the winner shot a 520.

It made me realize I need to shoot at 60 more as I had little confidence there. Our practice range only goes to 45, so I'll probably start going out on the course and shooting a bunch at the 60 and 65 yard targets to up that part of my score.

The biggest worry I had going in was that I'd miss an arrow completely and I did manage to get all of them on the target. Although scoring a 2 at 60 gave me a moment of worry :).

So, that is the story. I highly recommend shooting this round if you get the chance. Just be sure to bring a chair and maybe an umbrella or something for shade as you do sit around a bit between ends. The total shoot took from 9:30 am start until a 1:45pm finish with an hour break for lunch.