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09-18-2011, 08:53 AM
Hey everyone,

So, my summer project this year was to rehabilitate the field side of our range. Now that it is together, I am wondering if you all have any good ideas to convince more people to shoot it?

It seems most of the club members are reluctant to shoot over 40 yards (this is mostly compounders). I have been preaching the virtues of of light weight bow and practice, but it is slow going. My other plan has been to sponsor a monthly field shoot, and so far I am the only one to do it.

For many it seems almost a point of pride that they would NEVER shoot longer than 30 or 40 yards or whatever.

Thanks for any ideas.


09-18-2011, 06:22 PM
Are most of your shooters younger? If they are then you could offer prizes based on the division that they shoot in. Run it like a 3D shoot. Pay a few dollars to shoot and give prizes.

Good luck,

09-18-2011, 10:34 PM
For age divisions, I am pretty much the youngest I've seen actually shooting at 43.

Maybe a better question is how to change the culture of a club from one that very few people shoot to encourage more shooting. I'm not quite sure why all the non shooters pay the dues and do the work days.

I've put up targets, found and cleaned up the shooting stakes, posted how to shoot a field side and keep score, plus have a set up monthly field shoot. So far it is a league of 1, but at least I am winning. :)

Perhaps over the winter I can recruit some folks from neighboring clubs to join up and shoot. That plus just keeping the range up should draw people. Sort of like making the habitat and the animals seem to just show up.


09-19-2011, 04:07 AM
Advertise, especially at area 3D shoots. Lots of guys I know are looking for something 'new' and maybe a bit more challenge than they get from the weekly bears-and-bambis.

Our club has a winter indoor league, which brings in a lot of kids. Don't see too many of them at the 3D's in summer, but a few catch the fever. Of course not every club has an indoor range, so this isn't a universal solution, but think of how to make it kids/family friendly.

Dave Holquist
09-19-2011, 08:48 AM
If you find the solution to increasing the number of field shooters, you will have really accomplished something monumental. Most clubs are struggling with the same question.

10-06-2011, 10:44 AM
DanaC, maybe its because I started archery as a field archer, but really can't think of another more family friendly format than Field. :)

Bow Rider
11-15-2018, 07:27 PM
It kinda sounds like your club is mostly hunters looking for off season practice. Perhaps look at promoting archery as an athletic sport. The other problem with getting people to move to longer distances is the fear of failure or inadequacy. We deal with this at our indoor range. If someone is shooting well at the 15 yard league, when they move to the 20 yard league, they immediately go from top of the old pack to the bottom of the new one. For some people, the drop in scores is devastating. Others are just happy to be shooting along side the serious competitors. Really it comes down to the attitude your club members promote. If you have never shot 50 yards and miss your first shoot, that IS a moment. Whether you receive ridicule or encouragement at that moment will define how you approach it in the future.

08-28-2019, 09:35 PM
Here in the Golden West most clubs have two to five field archery courses and they are very popular especially with the pulley pullers. A fair hand with a hunting compound and 5 pin or adjustable can quickly learn how to adjust the sights to keep his arrows in the 5 spots and 4 rings and from 7 to 80 yards. Top hands can get mostly 5s and they love it. We need their help as there are so many more of them. Some get obsessed and buy a new $1000 target bow every year. It is a perfect game for the block and tackle boys so recruit some of them.

On the traditional side, it was pretty much invented by Howard Hill, who set up the first two field, courses in Pasadena and El Segundo in SoCal.

08-28-2019, 09:48 PM
Here in the Golden West most clubs have two to five field archery courses and they are very popular especially with the pulley pullers. A fair hand with a hunting compound and 5 pin or adjustable sights can quickly learn how to adjust them to keep his arrows in the 5 spots and 4 rings from 7 to 80 yards. Top hands can learn to keep most of their shots in the 5 spots and get obsessed about it. Some of them buy a new target compound every year and will sell the old one to another member. We need their help as there are so many more of them. It is a wonderful game for them.

On the traditional side, the first two field courses were set up by Howard Hill circa 1938 in Pasadena and El Segundo, near LA. Aiming methods have changed a bit and bows are more efficient so modern hunting recurves and longbows can reach the full distances from 7 to 80 yards with heavy arrows, using normal side of the face anchors and full draws. But to help easterners make the transition it would be helpful to have them shoot from the cub stakes for a while. (Just call them something else.) The targets are big so you should be soon able to get th vem to transition to the youth stake which max out at 4 -50 yards. Most men and male youths can do that readily. Most youth girls and women will prefer to stick with shorter stakes but all can have a wonderful time Strolling a field course up hill and down dale leaves plenty of time for socializing.

Steve Morley and Larry Yien who post on here from time to time each are four time world longbow champs, and Rednef won one or two. I never went to the world's but was a top hand hereabouts for year. I still know how. - We can all help with traditional aiming methods for the full distances. - lbg

Hank D Thoreau
08-29-2019, 07:57 AM
Longbowguy, how are you counting field courses? They are like golf courses, 28 targets is a course and 14 is a half course, similar to a 9 hole golf course. There are a few clubs in California which have two full 28 such as my home course Oranco. A few others that I have shot with two are Fresno and Oristemba. You have a few up north as well that I have not shot and would like to. I would really like to know who has five so I can go up there and bask in the joy. We still don't get enough folks shooting them. I would love more field archery. I wish we had some FITA field. It is an excellent format for barebow with all shots being very shootable at 50 meters max. We have a strong FITA community here in Southern California and we cannot get them out to shoot field. I can somewhat understand that. When I was shooting FITA target I only shot the field range when I could afford time away from my target practice. But as an old coach used to tell me, shooting field will make you a better target archer. What motivated you to reopen this post? Hopefully, you are a field fan like I am.

Rick Harrelson
09-01-2020, 08:52 PM
I love field shoots. The only thing I hate, and I mean hate, is loosing arrows, or having to hunt through the bush looking for them. I would suggest having some kind of backing under the bale and behind the bale to keep arrows from getting lost. Because we don't have the same arrow trajectory, and because newbies don't have their "sights" set up, it is so easy to miss the long distant bales.

I would also say, start out with a half round so they get a taste for the round.