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: Archery World Games... a look back, a look forward- Cali 2013

06-18-2011, 03:19 PM
Archery at the World Games


Field archery has represented archery for the recurve, compound and barebow divisions in all but the first edition of the World Games, thus making its 7th appearance in 2009. Recurve and barebow athletes will still shoot field archery at the Cali 2013 World Games, while the compound ones will compete in outdoor target archery.

Outdoor target archery for compound athletes is the counterpart of what recurve athletes play at the Olympic Games. The archers shoot on a flat field and have to go for the ultimate accuracy shooting at target with scoring rings (best score is 10 points per arrow). While the recurve archers shoot at 70 metres, the compound ones play at 50 metres on a smaller target face, hence making the precision game even more difficult.

Field archery offers athletes a different type of challenge with its variety of the ever-changing shooting conditions. Archers walk a set course and shoot at targets of different sizes from varying distances. Uphill and downhill shots are required, often with varying positions for the feet. No target is like the previous one, and, much like golf, each course is different from the other. In field archery, the shots are generally made challenging through the clever use of the intervening terrain, forcing the athletes to not only estimate the distance but to allow for the slope of the ground—or to make accommodations for the incline of a tree. Other factors increasing the difficulty of the shots include the lighting—in the woods, for instance, shooting from the dark to the light or the other way round. The arrow flight differs on a given distance because of the angle of the shot, which means that the archer must constantly adapt himself to the situation.

The International Archery Federation (FITA) has around 140 national federations—called Member Associations—in the world. Archery has been an Olympic sport since 1900 and the International Archery Federation was created in 1931. The Archery World Cup was launched in 2006 and the World Archery brand in 2009. The FITA President is the IOC Member Prof Dr Ugur ERDENER from Turkey.

Archery Competitions in Cali 2013

Outdoor Target Archery

Ø 24 men and 24 women will qualify in compound.
Ø If one man and one woman qualify from the same country, they will be able to shoot in a Mixed Team event.
Ø Athletes shoot qualifications of 72 arrows at 50 metres on a target face with six scoring rings (10-5 points). Each arrow out of the 5-point ring is considered as a Miss (0 point). The score is cumulative.
Ø At the end of qualifications, the athletes or teams are paired on a match chart based on their ranking (top score seeded No. 1, etc.) Byes may be awarded.
Ø Individual athletes play matches of 15 arrows with cumulative score. Highest total score wins the match. In case of a tie, a shoot-off of 1 arrow only is played. The winner is the one closest to the centre.
Ø Mixed teams play matches of 16 arrows with cumulative score. Each archer shoots 8 arrows. Highest total score wins the match. In case of a tie, each archer shoots 1 more arrow for the best cumulative score. If the score is still tied, the arrow closest to the centre defines the winners.
Ø There will be three podiums awarded (gold – silver – bronze).

Field Archery

Ø 12 men and 12 women will qualify in recurve and in barebow (4 individual categories, no team).
Ø Athletes shoot on marked (known) and unmarked (unknown) distances, from 5 to 60 meters, are shot depending on the division. Shots are uphill, downhill, with various conditions, forcing the athletes to adapt on each shot.
Ø The target faces have six scoring rings (6 to 1 points)
Ø Competitors shoot one round of 24 unmarked targets on the first day and 24 marked targets on second day. They shoot three arrows per target.
Ø Only the four best archers qualify for semi-finals and finals matches.
Ø The semi-finals matches consist of four marked targets and finals matches consist of four different marked targets—for bronze and for gold. The first-ranked athlete shoots against the fourth-ranked, and the second shoots against the third in the semi-finals.
Ø Archers have 4 minutes to shoot 3 arrows.
Ø There will be four podiums awarded (gold – silver – bronze).

World Games winners in 2009 (all in Field Archery discipline)

Recurve Women: Carole FERRIOU (FRA)
Recurve Men: Viktor WUNDERLE (USA)
Compound Men: Kevin WILKEY (USA)
Compound Women: Petra GOEBEL (AUT)
Barebow Men: Giuseppe SEIMANDI (ITA)
Barebow Women: Eleonora STROBBE (ITA)

Best Archers

The best archers for field archery in recurve men over the last 10 years have been the 2005 World Games winner Michelle FRANGILLI (ITA), Victor WUNDERLE (USA), Sebastian ROHHBERG (GER) and current world champion Alan WILLS (GBR). Previously, some of the best archers in field archery have been the 1988 Olympic champion Jay BARRS (USA), Andrea PARENTI (ITA) or Goran BJENRENDAL (SWE), whose daughter Christine has become the women recurve field world champion in 2010!

In recurve women, the other favourites have been Carole FERRIOU (two times World Games winner), Jessica TOMASI (ITA), Naomi FOLKARD (GBR), Petra ERICSSON (SWE) and Lisa UNRUH (GER).

In barebow men Pasi AHJOKIVI (FIN), Giuseppe SEIMANDI and Sergio Massimo CASSIANI (ITA) have won the medals at the last world championships, while Matthias LARSSON and Eric JONSSON (SWE) should be considered as the all-time best.

In barebow women, Monika JENTGES (GER) has been a force in this discipline together with Eleonora STROBBE (ITA), Christine GAUTHE (FRA) and Becky NELSON-HARRIS (USA) in recent times. Previously, this category has been dominated by Marie PALM (SWE), Odile BOUSSIERE (FRA) as well as Trish and Patricia LOVELL (GBR).

In field archery Morgan LUNDIN (SWE) and Dave COUSINS (USA) have been dominant in compound men for more than the last ten years. John DUDLEY (USA) and Chris WHITE (GBR) have also won several medals. While some archers may be as good in field archery as in outdoor target archery, the introduction of this discipline at the World Games may lead to some new faces such as outdoor world champion Reo WILDE (USA), Commonwealth champion Duncan BUSBY (GBR), double World Cup Final winner Sergio PAGNI (ITA), Braden GELLENTHIEN (USA) and Jorge JIMENEZ from El Salvador!

In compound women field archery, Anne LANTEE (born LAURILA) from Finland and Petra GOEBEL (born FRIEDL) from Austria are respectively the current world championships and World Games title holders. Other notables include Jamie VAN NATTA (USA), Ivana BUDEN (CRO), Ulrika SJOWALL (SWE) and Gladys WILLEMS (BEL). In target archery, the recent dominant players in the compound division have been Albina LOGINOVA (RUS), Nicky HUNT (GBR), Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA) and Ashley WALLACE (CAN).

Did you know?
In 2005, the compound archer Morgan LUNDIN (SWE) won the World Archery Championships in target archery as well as the World Games in field archery. LUNDIN also won the World Archery Field Championships in 2006. LUNDIN has earned the gold medal three times at the World Games (1993, 1997 and 2005)!

Petra ERICSSON (SWE) is the only athlete to have won an archery gold medal at the World Games in two categories: recurve women in 2005 and compound women in 1997.