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: PB Score on Hunter

steve morley
07-13-2009, 10:35 PM
Myself and my friends Jaanus(Ex European champ) and Ular (current World champ) made a pact this year to try and break 400 score in Longbow.

Well been working hard on my own course, really pushing the practice scores, first round was pretty good with 181 but second half was better, 70 yards and last target, I missread my scorecard as 196 (it was 194) I've never shot 200 for half round although been very close a few times, shot my first arrow and scored a 4 thinking that I hit 200 I was very happy and so excited that I totally missed the next two arrows, the last peg I stopped and said to myself 'Steve you've worked so hard to get this score lets not spoil it now' so I calmed myself and shot another scoring 4, it wasn't till I pulled out my scorecard did I realize just how important that last shot was.

400 score in Longbow feels like breaking the 4 min mile record, everybody thought it couldn't be done until it was broken, a few times I've felt it couldn't be done but now I'm starting to believe it can be done, at least in practice rounds. Typically the day after with Ular, I shot what felt like a very average 350. lol

Desert Archer
07-14-2009, 04:19 PM
Well done Steve! Really an accomplishment. I both admire you and envy the fact you are shooting field when I can't even hold a bow at arms length. Oh well, there's always next year (LOL).

Congrats on the good shooting! (smiley face goes here)


steve morley
07-14-2009, 05:12 PM
Dave give it time and rest and you will br 100% fighting fit.

Overall I'm very happy up to 45 Yards as on a good day I will only miss 1 or 2 arrows upto 45 yards, One weak link in my shooting is my long range shots i.e 64 and 70 yard walk-up, it's not that I'm really missing as I'm pretty much hitting target or very close to paper just not consistently in the score rings. I figured my gaps are correct but my release is letting me down.

Today just focused on back pressure and fine tuned my release, it was a nice feeling to consistently drop arrows in the score rings on those longer shots, just got to ingrain that 'just right' ack pressure\release feeling into the old brain.

12-23-2009, 04:44 PM
Steve, that is some good shooting, congratulations. I'm alittle embarrassed to tell you this but my PB for Hunter is 341 in competition. This past summer was my first year in state competition so I was happy with my score. Now heres the catch, in PA state competition, longbow and recurve classes only have to shoot a maximum of 50 yds. We shoot alot of arrows from 50(I'm not sure how many) but this definitely makes our scoring system easier than what you are shooting. We also shoot any material arrow, not only wood. Our state record is 388, you guys are certainly world-class. Congratulations again.

steve morley
12-26-2009, 01:50 AM
Steve, that is some good shooting, congratulations. I'm alittle embarrassed to tell you this but my PB for Hunter is 341 in competition.

John those scores posted were practice scores on my own course, I did manage to shoot two new records at our Nationals this year 375 Field and 370 Hunter, Ular pushed me all the way he scored 358 and I shot a 361 at the European champs on one of the hardest courses I've ever shot.

I would normally shoot in the 340's-350's in tourney and 370-380's in practice on my home range so pushing for 400 in tourney I have a way to go yet. I've had some Coaching form top Korean Coach and think 2010 will be my best chance of pushing Longbow scores to the limit.

Shame they dumbed down your Field rounds, it you decided to shoot IFAA how do they expect you to compete against other Longbow archers around the world who shoot full distances, maybe if ALL NFAA Longbow archers ignored th 50y max they might just change it back. Even so keep working to improve, even if I do reach my goal of 400 it wont stop me trying to be a better shot :)

Glynn Sluder
04-17-2010, 06:07 PM
Same rule here in Kansas now. Our club is hosting the State Hunter and Field round May 1st & 2nd. No Animal round.

Doubt there will be much competition in Barebow or the Trad class I'll be shooting in, but I'm going to certainly ignore the change and shoot to 80.

I think they're trying to draw in some new people, but don't think dumbing down the course is the way to go. JMO.

Hope you shoot well this year Steve and all.