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steve morley
04-08-2009, 02:34 AM
Shot Fita 2 x 20 3D Sunday, set in Castle grounds on a Hill and very tough up/down terrain made even harder by the fact I helped put the course out, we finished 5min before start and my arms and legs were like jelly.

7 targets from the end the baby woke up and started screaming, a quick feed by Katrin and we played pass the baby while we each took our shots for next 7 targets, this screwed my focus a little because I blanked the first 2 of those 7 targets but got back in the groove, should be glad it was the only two shots I missed and scored 284 to take 1st place (as it was Fita the longerst shot was 37 yards but should have been a max of 35y).

Form felt good and considering the challenges of building course and baby screaming I felt it was a very solid score and think 300+ could have been on the cards, a great confidence builder for Yankton

scoring is 10, 8 and five so pretty close to IBO although I understand IBO Longbow has 25y max and Fita is 35y, nice Spring day and beautiful location.:)

Desert Archer
04-08-2009, 06:08 AM

I don't think anyone is putting on FITA 3D here in the States. Never heard of it if they are. As a result I don't know how it differs from any of the 3D events that are popular here. You have often referred to the 3D rounds you shoot in where targets are out to 60 yards. What kind of rounds are those?


steve morley
04-08-2009, 11:28 AM
The 60y 3D is IFAA Bowhunter, I think after 40y I'm just happy for a first arrow hit and Fita 3D is little longer distances than IBO but like IBO you need to be at least in the 8 scoring kill zone to be in the running. Gives me an idea of how IBO is shot. :)

05-10-2010, 11:53 PM
Not bad shooting with a baby in tow!!! :)

TGhats an average of 142 per 20 targets... to give you an idea Steve, FITA Norway have set the score to be put on the team for the Euro champs in Italy this year at 155.... I have dropped out due to the rule change (my little protest) and so far no one has made the cut.. I am shooting barebow this summer, but it doesnt look like they will be sending any 3D barebow shooters this year... (I was asked if I was interested in shooting barebow at the world field in Hungary, but its too short notice and I have work booked... (blast those weddings!!)... )