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: Some field questions?

01-12-2009, 06:58 AM
I probably should know this but are all NFAA field rounds marked? I walked a Course with DA a few years back and all were marked.

Also are all FITA field rounds unmarked? I think this is the case but wasn't sure. The reason I ask is I am trying to work up my skill to shoot field this year and want to plan my outdoor arrows appropriately.

With my low anchor and ACE's last year I was around an 80 yard point on. While great for the long range NFAA this might result in some big crawls for the FITA rounds where the max distance is 50M. My thinking there was I might want a heavier arrow to get my point on closer to 50 meters. But if the yardage is all unmarked the faster arrow might be a better choice.

Decisions decisions. Truth be told I would likely be shooting NFAA field primarily as I am not even sure where a FITA field event is in my neck of the woods. But being an analytical type I like to have some questions answered before I make my choices.

01-12-2009, 09:21 AM
Scooter, NFAA field and hunter rounds are all marked.
The Animal round: from NFAA website

"The animal round is much like the 3-D round but the targets are 2-D, that is, an animal printed on a sheet of paper that is usually pasted to cardboard. Once again, distances are marked to give everyone an equal chance. Scoring is a bit different on this round. You take three of your arrows and mark them 1, 2, and 3. When you get to the shooting stake you shoot arrow number 1. If you hit the scoring area you need not shoot another arrow. If you miss the first shot you move up to the next shooting stake and shoot number 2. If you hit the scoring zone there's no need to shoot number 3. If you missed number one and two, move up and shoot number three. The scoring area is divided into two parts, the vital area and non-vital, with a bonus X-ring in the center of the vital area, and scored accordingly. Scoring is based on where you hit with which arrow. The first arrow shot is scored 21, 20 or 18. The second arrow is scored 17, 16 or 14, and the third arrow is scored 13, 12 or 10. The best score per target is 21 and the total possible score for the round, a 588. "

Desert Archer
01-12-2009, 09:27 AM
NFAA Field Archery is all marked distances. As a former President of NFAA is reported to have said, in response to a complaint from a 3D shooter, field archery is a test of the archer's shooting skills, not their range estimating skill. NFAA does put on an unmarked 3D event, the week before the Field Outdoor Nationals if I remember correctly, but all of their other events are at marked distances.

Scott, you said your 80 yard point on would work for NFAA Field but not the shorter distances of FITA Field. Keep in mind that NFAA Field goes all the way down to 20 feet for the walk-up on the 20 cm targets. I saw a claim once that something like 64% of the shots on the field course are 50 yards and under.

FITA is closer, particularly for Barebow, with the max at 50 m (55 yards) as you've said. Their closest shots at 5 m, which is dang close to the the NFAA's 20 foot minimum (LOL). FITA Field is always a 2 day event and the first day is un-marked while the second is marked. I doubt there are many (if any at all) FITA Field ranges. The rules require each event be new and unique, i.e. never shot before. A practice, marked FITA Field range would be possible but it would have to be a really dedicated group who built it and maintained it, just for practice. By the way I'd love to have one available for practice.

Harold Rush (a member of the US Barebow team to the World FITA Field Championship in '06) told me he set up his pull weight, arrow weight an anchor to be point on at 50 m. That way his string walking covered all the other distances for FITA Field. When he shot NFAA field with me he changed anchors for the 70 and 80 yard shots...which allowed me to tease him about finally trying face walking. (smile)


01-12-2009, 10:51 AM
Steve, Interesting way to score the animal round. I was told there would be no math lol.

Dave, back in the 90's when 3D was getting big and guys were really pushing the envelope with speed (long draws, heavy weight etc.) I remember some of the better shooters were in support of a marked 3D round. Never took off in IBO. Not sure about ASA.

Perhaps you are right and I should just de-tune my setup a bit with heavier arrows (say Navigator FMJ) to have my point on be closer to 60 yards. Might have to play around some with this stuff. My understanding is that the unmarked portion of Fita field tends to be closer than the marked.

Gets expensive though to try this stuff though.

01-12-2009, 05:20 PM
Steve, Interesting way to score the animal round. I was told there would be no math lol.

Realizing the good shooters would only need 28 arrows to complete the animal round, the archery gods added the math to keep make things uinteresting...

Desert Archer
01-12-2009, 07:21 PM

The biggest and best NFAA 3D event is the Trail Shoot at Redlands, CA. It is marked and allows 2 arrows per target. I would prefer that over the one shot and you're done of most 3Ds.

I wouldn't plan any future with FMJ Navigators. Easton has discontinued them for not selling well.

As to FITA, yea the unmarked day is generally closer. Max is 45 m for barebow while on the marked day you can shoot all the way to 50 m.


01-14-2009, 11:14 PM
Actually, it is at Redding, CA, at the north end of the Sacramento Valley. It is a fine shoot for those of us who like the targets 'removed to a fit distance for a MAN to shoot at.' Quoting Errol Flynn as Robin Hood in the 1939 film. A number of the targets are beyond 60 yards. - lbg

01-16-2009, 05:43 PM
Dave you probably saw this but just in case.

Desert Archer
01-16-2009, 06:31 PM
He's my shooting partner, Richard Doria. We have been the main two putting on the last 2 FITA Field events for the Papago FITA Archers and this one coming up.