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Glynn Sluder
11-21-2008, 06:48 PM
Hey! Is anybody out there! lol. Anybody besides Dave and me and Bob? ha ha.

Well I know what DA is going to say, cause his knuckles are down by his knees. Just kidding Dave, I am always eager to hear your view.

Surely there are some people here who shoot Field and have some opinions and things they want to share, we would love for this forum to be occupied.

I shoot a couple of warf bows, for Field it is a Spectra type hoyt with medium length ILF limbs. Basically a 64 inch bow. I shot a 60 inch hunting type recurve for a decade in the woods and at 3-D. Going back to a 64 inch bow was a noticeable, although pleasant change. When I see the full size 25 inch Oly bows at the range they seem big to me.

My warf is a great shooter and handles so well compared to any wooden bows that I've tried it's crazy. But now I am ready to do some competing and though I'm not ashamed of my warf one bit, I am thinking about getting a bow that is designed from the ground up to be shot at targets.

Almost everyone says to go right to the 25 inch riser, but I am not sure. A 66 inch bow is going to feel pretty long I think. The pro shop at the new indoor range (yea!) will have a few to try, so that will help me a lot.

I shoot with a slight cant and draw 28 inches. Right now am only interested in shooting the traditional class so a simple bow in the medium length range appeals to me. Have thought about the Dalaa and various 23 inch risers like the Moon.

Who's got some advice or observations? What do you like and why?

11-22-2008, 01:17 AM
25" riser + medium limbs will give you a 68" bow. The Best Moon is 25", but for the same price you can get a Best Zenit 23", if you like it shorter (66" with your mediums)

If you have the opportunity, try them all! :)

11-22-2008, 03:51 AM
I prefer the try them all method, too, LOL.

I draw 28 1/2", and while the common recommendation for my draw is 68", I believe I may settle on 66" just because they're a little easier to string, and I seem to bump into things less often with them.

With your slight cant, are you shooting off the shelf? If so, the higher plunger holes may give you a bit of a problem. Matrix, Spigarelli 650 Club, and the old Win Infinite are some that I've had that have the hole closer to the hand than others.

The Warf should be excellent, and if you want longer you could always get some long limbs.

The longer I go, the more pleasant the string angle is and the more forgiving it seems to be, and mass weight helps accuracy. That said, I still enjoy toting a light mass weight bow during all the walking on a field course and have some of my most fun practice shoots with things like an old 27 lb wing target bow, and with longbows, just doing the best I can that day with what I'm shooting.

My highest scores over the years have been with various equipment, and it's obvious that the archer has much more to do with it than the bow :)

That said, at present I feel like my Spig 650 Club is the ultimate "launching pad"...

Glynn Sluder
11-22-2008, 10:56 AM
Yeah, I have a "shoot before I buy" mentality even though my first warf was an experiment. The day I got it from Bob was a real eye-opener. Every time I launched an arrow I would just start laughing, it was so fast and so without hand shock. I started off my recurve career with a Sky Hunter Supreme, but had put metal on the back shelf to go "Trad". The return was pretty easy.

I shoot Cav flippers with a plunger or a Springy raised rest, it is just my face structure and wanting to line up the arrow under my eye that gives me a cant. It is very repeatable and so far no side to side issues at various ranges.

Let the searching begin! In the meantime a new place to shoot indoors, would like to post a couple more Nov. challenges too.

Desert Archer
11-22-2008, 06:05 PM

Given your draw length and other requirements I would be inclined to recommend some bodies 23" riser. If you want to keep it "huntable" get a Dalaa. It will make a 68" for targets, 66" for 3D and with short limbs a 64" for hunting if that suits. Same lengths are available in a couple of other risers of course. The nicest (to me) 23" riser I've seen/shot was the 23" Best Zenit. Available from Alternative Services (with the world financial problems the prices of the European stuff are the lowest I've seen in several years of watching). I had one for a season and decided I needed a 25" so sold it and got a Moon. Actually wish I still had the 23" Zenit, although there's nothing wrong with the Moon either.

In about a week I will be in possession of a 70" longbow, which as you can imagine I will have to try on the field course. 21st Edge pulling 43# at 33". Bamboo limbs with buried carbon and clear glass, black "Packwood" riser (their version of Diamondwood) and a Buddy grip. Don't know if I will go with carbon or aluminum arrows. My choices are limited at my draw length and none get much under 500g if at all.

Anyway, I will keep shooting the metal risers on the field course too, the longbow is just for fun. I've got a couple friends from Tucson who shoot longbows and razz me pretty back about my metal take downs. I plan to beat them with the longbow just to shut them up. (LOL)


Glynn Sluder
11-22-2008, 08:33 PM
Dave, that sounds like a lot of fun. Let us know how you set it up and how it goes. My bow doesn't need to be huntable, I have a favorite for that, just something that LOOKS GOOD on the course. :)

Bob F. says he shoots the course with a variety of bows too. I guess I need to get past the seriousness of trying to find my ceiling and play around some, although I love it even then. My partner trades on and off with a couple.

I gave my boss an old 69 inch Groves 300 that is 33#. That would be a hoot with the right arrows. He has a 66" Polar with the big riser and toothbrush rest at 38#, another one that would be fun.

Really like the look of the Zenit, but don't know where I would ever see one to shoot. Sure if I didn't care for it, it would be easy to move.

11-23-2008, 05:03 AM
Since I bagged my hunting yesterday due to the nasty weather, I was able to hit the range for the first time since Oct 9th. At 2:30 the wind died down a bit, and I thought "I can't stand it anymore, I'm going NOW". I just grabbed some 1916s and two longbows on impulse, not wishing to fondle a metal riser at 35 degrees :)
On the first half I used my 68" Liberty English, which scales 43 at my draw (27 3/4" with a longbow) and lobs 'em at about 145 fps. I did ok out to 25 but came up low a lot, and zeroed 6 along the way. Coming into the last stinking small 30 yarder, I had a 63, but lost my mind and shot a 17 to finish with an 80 :)
Then I switched to my 66" Wes Wallace Royal, 46 lbs for me and 159 fps, and did better with a 114 and only one zero when I just didn't pay attention on the 28 yard fan.
Not very close to the proclaimed 470 average that Dave mentioned in another thread, ha ha, but it was great to get out, and I didn't lose or damage any arrows...
(Split finger instinctive + POA on the long ones.)

barking mad
12-04-2008, 10:15 AM
Speaking of field bows, I might try to gather some opinions on various risers. I'm fully aware that most of this will be very subjective, but will still help making the choice.

As far as I remember, at least Dave has shot Best of Italy risers. Perhaps others here as well. Currently I shoot two 21" DAS risers, Dalaa for hunting and Elite for targets, but have set my eyes on the Moon for target work. I was wondering if people with more experience on the Best risers could describe their behaviour on the shot.

The Elite (well, and the weighted Black bear Warf as well) are the most stable risers I've shot but, without stabs, both still tilt back a bit after the release. I trust with the counterweights the barebow-specific risers could be adjusted to stay upright.

I would be very happy to hear about your experiences.


Desert Archer
12-04-2008, 12:36 PM
bm, I think there are two or three of us here who own Moons. Mine is the natural color (silver I guess) and to get balance I wanted I only use one factory weight in the lower riser, plus my own 1.5"X2.5" piece of stainless round stock screwed into the stabilizer bushing. It weighs 20 oz and with that in place the bow is absolutely dead still in the hand at the shot. I probably over did it with 20 oz but I like a heavy bow and I use this for my indoor 20 yard and 18 m shooting. By the way, despite the size of the front weight it still passes the 4.8" rigid circle test so it's FITA legal. Like all my recurves the Moon has a Jager BEST grip and a Spigarelli Click Button plunger. Both of my Best of Italy risers have Cavalier Champion II rests.

Point of interest. The 23" Best Zenit looks a lot more like the Moon than the Zenit. It takes one factory weight below the grip. If I had a use for a 68" barebow recurve I'd buy a 23" Zenit and put long limbs on it. They are really nice risers. I had one but sold it to buy the Moon, Arco Nudo.

Not much else to tell you except I'm impressed enough with the two Best risers I have I'd buy another one.


12-04-2008, 07:03 PM
DA, how many ILF risers do you have? I know that you have a Luxor 27" and a couple of Best risers, but what else do you have? Not trying to high-jack the thread. I'm just curious what risers you have experience with.


Desert Archer
12-04-2008, 08:16 PM
Well, I've owned a hand full but it has boiled down to 4 right now and something pretty interesting will have to come along to temp me to buy another one. That 27" Luxor didn't work out but I was lucky enough to find someone to buy it for what I paid for it, less shipping. Another lesson learned.

I have two Spigarelli 2001 VBS risers, bought as a package deal (reduced the asking price for each). One is set up as my FITA Target bow for 900 rounds and full FITAs or Olympic rounds when I have the courage to shoot them Barebow (smile). The other 2001 is my FITA Field bow, set up to shoot heavier arrows for the shorter distances of Barebow FITA Field.

I also have two Best of Italy risers, the Moon Arco Nudo mentioned in the earlier post which is my indoor bow, set up specifically for 20 yard and 18 meter shooting. The other Best is their discontinued Mercury, which I think is one of the prettiest Olympic style risers ever made. It is my NFAA Field bow and the one I shoot the most.

All but the Moon were purchased used. I've been lucky to stumble on three really excellent risers, in excellent condition for good prices. Haven't been as lucky buying new stuff. Not sure there's a lesson in there or just an example of the randomness of the universe. (LOL)


12-05-2008, 07:48 AM
Thanks for the info Desert Archer. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a used Hoyt, a 93 model Gold Medalist. I really like that bow. I have also had the chance to shoot a Sky Olympic riser as well as a Matrix.


Desert Archer
12-05-2008, 09:18 AM
The Gold Medalist is getting old but I've read and been told many times it holds more Olympic and world records than any other single riser. They still shoot as well as they ever did. My first take down, metal riser was a used GM. (smile)