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: Toughest Field shots

Glynn Sluder
10-27-2008, 08:55 PM
What targets give you the most aggravation on the course? When I shot skeet some I could break the targets on every station, but all 25 in a row was the problem. :)

On the Field range shorter shots give me more trouble than the mid to long ones. I think this is mostly due to being used to shooting a hunting and 3-D bow in the 170 fps speed bracket for so many years. Going to a 190 fps bow opens up my gaps quite a bit at the closer butts. I am making some progress with them.

I shoot Traditional class which means one anchor for the course. 190 fps gives me a point on at 52 some yards. My arrow point is a lot closer to the target in some way from 35 to 65 yards. I can use my arrow rest and then my shelf for the 70 and 80. That leaves the bunny through 30. The very distances I have spent mucho time ingraining gaps/sight picture for a slower bow.

One reason I still shoot heavy arrows hunting is to match this speed because I hit very well there, it's just that shooting past 40 gets very demanding. This next year will be a transition period as I try to retrain the eye to the new speed with lighter hunting arrows, basically matching it to my Field bow speed.

How do you go about overcoming a target that is giving you trouble? Do you study your scores and pinpoint those targets by how well or badly you shoot them or is it a feeling you get walking up on it. We have noticed that even though you can shoot a certain distance with good accuracy, the way a target is presented can throw you off.


Desert Archer
10-28-2008, 05:38 AM

The problems you're describing are exactly what led me to start face walking. When I was using one anchor point I did reasonably well on the middle range but the close ones and the long ones were just guessing (I have no instinct for this archery stuff).

Now, as a face walker, it seems different targets become a problem at different times. When I can't seem to get a bead on a particular distance I go to the practice range after I finish the field course and try to work out what was wrong. Some days it gets better and some days I can't seem to find any consistency. Not sure what the difference is.


10-29-2008, 06:19 AM
When I shoot split finger gap-stinktive (ha, I like that one, very descriptive of my scores), I have more trouble at midrange (30-50) due to the large gap. If I use a slow bow, I do well at the longer ranges because I can get the point up into the target, and I'm usually able to do ok on the short shots pure instinctive.
If I use 3-under, then the mid-range improves, but my gap is still too large for the short shots (and I've not stuck with it enough to reprogram my brain for instinctive), and the long shots go to pieces because my point is way up in the trees. (Fast arrow would help here.)
String walking I'm good (well, much better, but maybe not good) at short and midrange, and have the same 3-under problem beyond about 55 since my point-on is 48. I was switching to split for the long targets and gapping, but next I'm going to try a low anchor below the jaw and use a face walk/string walk combo. I was just getting ready to post a question about that...not sure whether to put it here or the string walking forum. Maybe I'll just use the main forum :)


10-31-2008, 08:40 PM
Well, the 30 yarder and the 32 yard fan are tough because they are the longest with the smallish target. 35 and 36 use the next size up.

Most archers with a long point on range can shoot instinctively pretty well to 20 yards and gradually extend it 25 yards. I think this relates to the simple 'finger pointing' skill we all grow up with. Somewhere beyond that it begins to break down and the mid-ranges are tough out to 40 or 45 where the sight gap begins to come down and be useful for gap or secondary vision aiming.

So what to do about the mid-ranges? Well, one year I decided to get good at 30 yards. I began and ended each range session at 30. I did not reference the gap or anything else consciously. I just focused on the center of the center, yearned hard to hit it and strove to execute a good shot. Gradually it came to me, and I remain good at 30 with little special effort. I still don't know what my gap is at that distance but I suspect it is more than four feet.

35 to 40 are easier for me as the arrow is coming a bit closer to my line of sight and further into my peripheral vision. But I still do not consciously reference it.

From 45 to 55 my gaps are small enough the arrow point is somewhere on the butt so I have worked out my gaps and I check them on the day in case they have changed as from weather or fatigue. I still try to focus on target center with only slight awareness of the gaps.

At 60 or 65 depending upon tackle I begin to use references like front of arrow shelf, rear of it, web of the thumb or a knuckle and place them at various levels on the butt, or above it at 80 or more. Again my focus remains on the point I intend to hit. That focus and sending that intention as a goal to my subconscious is important if I am to have a good round. - lbg

Glynn Sluder
01-09-2009, 04:57 PM
Yesterday was pretty nice for this time of year (about 57 degrees) and I had a short day at work, so I went to the Field course to shoot 14. There weren't faces on all the butts, some had burlap animal covers instead, but I could at least pick something in the middle to shoot for.

Our course starts with the 65 and I had to shoot it three times to get my group up in the center. Just wasn't expanding completely. After that things went real well, I was worried that maybe my gaps/eye/shooting would be off some since I hadn't shot it in a while.

Bunny shot gave me fits as usual, just kept hitting high 3's even after 8 shots and thinking I was holding lower and lower. I am going to find a way to master this target. Gapping at the bow maybe.

Missed one on the 45 WU, it's a steep downhill around the corner shot and then one on the 80 WU, but only about 3 inches off the 3 ring. I feel real good with how it went and am looking forward to this year.

steve morley
01-21-2009, 03:47 AM
I think all the targets have there challenges even the bunny seems to cause problems to some archers, what's really tough is getting 4 arrows on paper everytime. I've been shooting some nice scores low 180's to just under 200 on the first 14 targets and just cant maintain the level of focus to repeat it for second half which is around 160' day I'll crack it:)

If any give me problems it's the long shots past 60 yards, I shoot split-vision on most shots under 50 yards and when I start using Gap I sometime struggle, it's the newest and feels the least comfortable aiming method to me.