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  1. Welcome Camera Land!
  2. Leica Riflescopes and Cameras
  3. Riflescope and Binocular Super Sale
  4. Leica Demo - Sample Riflescopes and Binoculars
  5. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is April 5th for Vortex Optics
  6. Sneak Peek - GPO - German Precision Optics
  7. Konus Riflescope and Spotting Scope Introductory Sale
  8. The AimCam Sight Video Capture System is Here
  9. Amazing Riflescope Deals
  10. Are you looking for a TALL High Quality Tripod?
  11. Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 - TMCQ MOA Tactical #PST-14ST-A only $329.99
  12. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is May 3rd for GPO Sports Optics
  13. Our 1st GPO Shipment
  14. Camera Land's "A Spring Break For You" Sale
  15. Zeiss Demo Sports Optics Sale
  16. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is June 7th for Vortex Sports Optics
  17. Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Camera Land
  18. Sports Optics Super Sale at Camera Land
  19. Camera Land's Father's Day Sale
  20. Vortex Dakota Tripod Legs w/ Promaster GH-10 Gimbal Head only $179.99
  21. Camera Land is excited to share this Hawke Optics Press Release with you
  22. Leica Riflescopes and Geovid Demo's
  23. Camera Lands July 4th Sale
  24. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is August 2nd for Vortex Optics
  25. It's like Christmas in July with Steiner's Gear-Up For Hunting Promotion
  26. Zeiss Demo Sports Optics Sale
  27. Must See Vortex Riflescope & Binocular Arrivals and Deals
  28. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is September 6th for Vortex Spotting Scopes
  29. Great Vortex Delivery Just Arrived - Check It Out
  30. Camera Land New & Demo Optics Super Sale - Take a look
  31. Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Full Size Roof Prism Laser Rangefinder Binocular Is Here
  32. I am very excited to announce some amazing Leupold & Redfield Optics deals
  33. Vortex Riflescope Sale
  34. Bushnell 4-12x40 RTS Multi-X Rifle Scope #764124RT only $49.99
  35. Breaking the Glass Ceiling: German Precision Optics
  36. Labor Day Sale at Camera Land
  37. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 4th for Vortex Optics
  38. Sirui A-1005 Aluminum Compact Tripod Kit only $109.99 - Limited Time
  39. Great Deals on Bushnell and Vortex Sports Optics
  40. GPO & Leupold Optics Promotion - Limited Time
  41. 1 of These and 2 of Those Sale - Great Deals
  42. Riflescope Super Sale - All Scopes Under $249.99
  43. We Have More Amazing Hawke Riflescope and Crossbow Scopes on Super Sale
  44. 3-9x40 Riflescopes under $50.00 - Take a peek
  45. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is November 1st for Leupold Sports Optics
  46. Columbus Day Weekend Sale - Give Us A Call, 516-217-1000
  47. We have a few amazing Leica Demo Sports Optics opportunities....
  48. Camera Land is excited to unveil a great new product..The Litra Torch LED Light
  49. Camera Land has some great deals on Kahles & Swarovski Demo Product
  50. We have a few amazing Kowa Sports Optics opportunities....
  51. Featured Binocular, Check It Out.......
  52. BRUNTON LITE-TECH 3-9X40 Riflescope w/ #1 Duplex Reticle #F-LT-SV3940-1 @ $29.99
  53. Camera Land is now an Authorized Athlon Dealer`
  54. Riflescope and Binocular Deals - Check It out
  55. Camera Land has some more Great Deals on Kahles & Swarovski Demo Product
  56. All Swarovski Z3 Riflescopes On Sale :)
  57. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is December 6th for Hawke Sports Optics
  58. Meopta Red Dot, Riflescope and Binocular Sale
  59. Black Friday at Camera Land
  60. Holiday Gift Ideas from Camera Land
  61. Super Deal on Laser Rangefinders
  62. Schmidt & Bender Holiday Sale
  63. Athlon Christmas Inventory Delivery Has Arrived :)
  64. Black Friday is Here at Camera Land :)
  65. Bushnell Optics. Pay for a Demo and we will send you a New Optic
  66. Leupold VX-2 Riflescope Blowout
  67. Hawke Riflescope Sale
  68. Sale at Camera Land
  69. Kowa Binocular and Spotting Scope Deals
  70. Swarovski & Kahles Delivery
  71. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is January 3rd for Athlon Sports Optics
  72. Camera Land's Christmas Sale
  73. Unique Gift Ideas
  74. Audubon Spotting Scope Round Up
  75. Forget GoPro. Now there is AimCam
  76. Swarovski Demo Optics Sale
  77. Laser Rangefinders from Only $99.99
  78. New and Demo Swarovski & Kahles Delivery :)
  79. Product Reviews
  80. Year End Inventory Reduction Sale
  81. Minox BF 10x25 Compact Binocular #62032 reduced to only $59.99
  82. Swarovski ME 1.7x Magnification Extenders are In Stock
  83. Schmidt & Bender 1 Day Sale
  84. GPO Passion ED 8x32 Binocular
  85. Camera Land's Blizzard Sale :)
  86. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is February 7th for Sony Digital Cameras
  87. Meopta Meostar 7x42 Binocular only $649.99, reduced from $1,099.99
  88. Athlon Optics Open Box Opportunities
  89. Velocity Hunter Rangefinders - Starting at only $99.99
  90. Doug from Camera Land is Off To SHOT Show
  91. SHOT Show Week Sale at Camera Land
  92. SHOT Show Report Day 1 from Doug of Camera Land
  93. SHOT Show Report Day 2 from Doug at Camera Land
  94. SHOT Show Day 3 Report from Doug at Camera Land
  95. Camera Land's Post SHOT Show Specials
  96. Awesome Optics Blow Out Opportunity
  97. The Post SHOW Show Deals Continue :)
  98. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is March 7th for Kowa Spotting Scopes
  99. We got in some back ordered products as well as some more "deal' opportunities.
  100. Updated Optics Specials from Camera Land
  101. Meopta MeoPro 10x42 HD is now only $499.95
  102. We just received a HUGE Meopta Shipment
  103. Hawke Nature-Trek 20-60x80 Spotting Scope Green #55101 Reduced to only $169.99
  104. Great Optics Opportunities
  105. Some Great Optics on Sale
  106. Updated Sports Optics Sale Items List
  107. Minox New Close-Out and Demo List
  108. Hawke Weekend Sports Optics Sale
  109. Athlon Talos Binocular Sale Through March 31st
  110. Camera Land's Blizzard Sale - Again :)
  111. We just received a nice delivery from AimCam of their latest AimCam Pro 2
  112. Newly Arrived Inventory + Great Sale Opportunities
  113. Hawke Frontier ED 8x42 Binocular Blow-Out reduced to only $179.99
  114. Temporary Issue with the Camera Land Web Site
  115. Great News From Camera Land
  116. Bushnell*Custom Gold 1.5-6x32mm - Ballistic-X Illuminated Blowout
  117. Stedi-Stock Shoulder Brace System
  118. Meopta MeoStar 10x42 HD Binocular #467781 for under $999.99
  119. Total Blowout on a Few Select Optics
  120. Newly Arrived Inventory at Camera Land
  121. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is May 2nd for Schmidt & Bender
  122. Open Box/Display Binocular Deals
  123. Kowa TSN-883/884 25-60x88 Spotting Scope Sale
  124. Great Binocular Opportunities Ready To Ship
  125. Meopta Demo / Sample Sale
  126. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is June 6th for Athlon Sports Optics
  127. Mothers Day Sale at Camera Land
  128. One Day Only Sale, Today, Saturday 5/5/18 till 5PM Eastern Time
  129. Konus Pro KonuSpot-80 20x60x80 Spotting Scope #7120B
  130. Meopta MeoStar 10x42 HD Binocular only $799.99
  131. Memorial Day Sale Arrives Early This Year
  132. Rainy Day Clearance Sale Today 5/19/2018
  133. Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42 Edition 2200 Binocular (Demo Unit) only $1,499.99
  134. All New, In Stock, Sports Optics on Sale Today 10-20% Off
  135. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is July 5th for Leica Sports Optics
  136. KonuSpot-80 20x60x80 Spotting Scope - Deal of the Week
  137. Huge Savings on Manfrotto and Gitzo Tripods Today thru Saturday 6/9/2018
  138. Bushnell Custom Gold 1.5-6x32mm - Ballistic-X Illuminated Riflescopes only $149.99
  139. Outdoor and Fishing Gear Inventory Reduction Sale
  140. Happy Father's Day from Camera Land
  141. Hawke Trail Cam Super Sale
  142. Camera Land Super Sale - Amazing Deals
  143. 3 Day Tripod Sale 6/28-6/30
  144. Camera Lands July 4th Sale
  145. Perfect Storm Opportunity Day
  146. Deal of the Week - $110.00 off on the Hawke Frontier HD 8x42 Binocular, only $149.99
  147. This Just Arrived In Time for the July 4th Sale
  148. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is August 1st for Konus Sports Optics
  149. Camera Land's iCast Sale Today - Saturday July 14th
  150. Things are Heating Up at Camera Land
  151. Leica Geovid 10x42 Demo Sale Your choice $1,499.99
  152. Camera Land Spotting Scope Sale Today, Saturday July 28th
  153. Sale at Camera Land
  154. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is September 5th for Hawke Sports Optics
  155. One Day Super Sale, Tuesday August 7th
  156. Athlon Open Box Sport Optics Sale
  157. Kowa Spotting Scopes and Binoculars
  158. Limited Quantity Sports Optics Super Sale
  159. Keep Doug from Getting Bored While at Pelagic Outfitters Sale
  160. Steiner Wildlife XP 8x44 Binocular Super Opportunity
  161. Great Arrivals at Camera Land
  162. Athlon Midas HMR 2.5-15x50 Riflescope - The Hunting Scope You've Been Waiting For
  163. Labor Day Weekend Sale at Camera Land
  164. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 3rd for Meopta Red Dot Sights
  165. ProMaster Professional XC525C Carbon Tripod - Black #3480 Kit Sale - only $249.99
  166. Demo Steiner T1042r 10x42 Binocular with SUMR Milliradian Ranging Reticle only $399.9
  167. Call for Special Price Today, Saturday 9/22/2018
  168. Great Deliveries Arrived at Camera Land
  169. Swarovski Spotting Scope Opportunity
  170. Riflescopes & Binoculars Under $300.00
  171. End of Quarter, Fall Sale Weekend at Camera Land
  172. Athlon Argos Riflescope SUPER SALE
  173. Steiner P4Xi 1-4x24 - P3TR Illuminated Law Enforcement Riflescope #5202 are back
  174. Are You Ready for Hunting Season?
  175. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is November 7th for Kowa Binoculars
  176. Select New Leica Sport Optics at a Discounted Sale Price
  177. Schmidt & Bender EXOS 1-8x24 Reduced Pricing & Current Inventory Sale - 10/5/2018
  178. ProMaster Guide GD525CK Professional CF Tripod Kit With Head - only $279.99
  179. Meopta's Black Friday Sale Came Early at Camera Land
  180. Camera Land Spotting Scope and Tripod Sale
  181. Huge Athlon Delivery Just Arrived
  182. Open Box, Demo and New Closeout Optics Sale
  183. More Great Deals from Meopta
  184. You Do Not Need Black Friday for a Great Sale
  185. Athlon Talos Binocular Sale
  186. Rangefinders and Rangefinder Binoculars From Leica
  187. Athlon*Riflescope & Binocular Combo Pre-Black Friday Sale
  188. Athlon Prism, RedDot Sight and Magnifier Pre-Holiday Sale
  189. Special Black Friday / Holiday Sale Section
  190. Nikon 10x42 LaserForce Rangefinder Binocular $200.00 Instant Rebate
  191. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is December 5th for Athlon Sports Optics
  192. Leica Customer Service
  193. GPO Riflescope and Binocular Black Friday Sale Starts Today
  194. Konus Black Friday Arrives Early Sale
  195. Black Friday Sale/Inventory Announcement
  196. Kowa Demo Sale - Spotting Scopes and Binocular
  197. Kowa TSN-662 20-60x66mm Straight Spotting Scope only $749.99
  198. Leica Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals
  199. Camera Land Spotting Scope Sale
  200. Athlon Midas BTR 2.5-15x50 Reduced to only $249.99 - Black Friday Blowout
  201. Black Friday Weekend at Camera Land
  202. Christmas Inventory Deliveries Are Arriving at Camera Land
  203. Cyber Monday at Camera Land
  204. Athlon Midas 1-6x24 MOA Riflescopes Reduced to only $249.99
  205. Schmidt & Bender Year End Sale
  206. Welcome to the Return of Black Friday Weekend
  207. Special Sunday Discounts at Camera Land
  208. Camera Land's Christmas / Inventory Reduction Sale
  209. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is January 3rd for GPO Sports Optics
  210. Instant Rebates, Reduced Prices and Super Savings at Camera Land
  211. Camera Land Weekend Sale
  212. Camera Land Close-Out, Open Box, Opportunity List
  213. More Optics Deliveries Arriving Every Day to Camera Land
  214. Athlon Optics New Product Announcement
  215. Call In Super Optics Specials
  216. The New Athlon Midas TAC Riflescopes Have Arrived
  217. Camera Land's Weekend Christmas Shopping Specials
  218. Meopta Christmas Deals
  219. End of Year Special Opportunities at Camera Land
  220. Year End Deliveries and Bargains at Camera Land
  221. Blow Out Weekend at Camera Land
  222. Deal of the Day
  223. Post Christmas Sale
  224. Meopta Post Christmas $399.99 & Less Sale
  225. Camera Land's Year End Inventory Reduction Sale
  226. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is February 6th for Athlon Sports Optics
  227. 2019 Deliveries Have Started to Arrive at Camera Land
  228. Sig Sauer 3-9x40 WHISKEY3 Riflescope HellFire TriPlex Reticle reduced to only $199.99
  229. Riflescope Super Sale
  230. Doug from Camera Land is off to SHOT Show Next Week
  231. These Great Sports Optics Just Arrived at Camera Land
  232. Inventory Running Low on These Special Deals
  233. Camera Land's Pre-SHOT Show Sale
  234. Riflescope, Spotting Scope, Laser Rangefinder and Binocular Sale
  235. Impending Snow Storm Sends Doug to SHOT Show Early
  236. SHOT Show Day 1 Report from Camera Land
  237. SHOT Show Report, Day 2, from Camera Land
  238. SHOT Show Day 3 Report from Camera Land
  239. Back from SHOT with Great Deals & Exciting News
  240. Midas BTR 1-6x24 - ATSR1 SFP IR MOA Riflescope reduced from $529.99 to only $219.99
  241. Amazing Opportunities on Steiner Optics
  242. Super Values on Riflescopes - Post SHOT Show Sale
  243. GPO Wins Award + 20% Off Sale
  244. Steiner Binocular Sale
  245. Here is the new Hawke 2019 Catalog
  246. Zeiss Terra Riflescope Sale
  247. Best Buys in Binoculars Under $1,000.00
  248. Camera Land Week of Amazing Deals Continues
  249. Zeiss & Swarovski Riflescope Sale
  250. Camera Land's President's Weekend Sale