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DAS Kinetics bow
Title DAS Kinetics bow
Description 16" Metal riser hunting bow; FITA limbs
Bow type Recurve
Bow length 58", 60", or 62"
Price Depends on package
Fast Flite ready: Yes
1, 2 or 3 piece: 3
wait time: Estimated 6 weeks
custom options: Custom grips available; any FITA style limb can be used; Optional weighting system, short barrel hunting plunger, adjustable draw weight; and radiused shelf & sight window.
Sent by Cato

This bow has many outstanding qualities.  It performs up there with the very best bows out there. The FITA style limb can be purchased retail, or purchased used in many places.  The bow will shoot an extremely light arrow and do so very quietly.  My DAS is as quiet as any bow I have ever owned.  Custom grips can be purchased, or the standard Hoyt recurve grip will fit it.  The sight window has a radiused shelf, and a radiused window attachment, allowing you to shoot off the shelf, or convert to an elevated rest.  It is tapped for a plunger and stabalizer.  The limb bolt system is simple, and idiot proof. The basic riser is light weight, and made from a material that is very very stiff, giving it outstanding shooting qualities, and yet light weight enough to carry in the woods.  However, if you prefer mass weight, you can add weight by a system and stabalizer to get the mass weight up.  I have shot mine with medium Samick limbs, and also with long Winex limbs.  The medium limbs made a 60" bow.  At my draw of over 30", it was very easy to shoot.  It is set up to receive a quiver and sight plate, which is designed to take the Alpine quivers.

It is hard to say what makes this bow the most enjoyable bow I have ever owned to shoot.  But significantly, it will shoot a very light arrow, very quietly, very fast, with no vibration whatsoever or hand shock of any kind.

I have personally owned most of the well known bows out there today.  Some of them were excellent, and the bowyers were top notch.  However, nothing compared to this bow.  In addition, David Soza is a first class stand up guy. 

Votes Votes: 9 - Average: 4.88

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12 Oct 2005
I have a DAS with two sets of limbs one set is the Hoyt G-3 and they are 57.5#@29" and shoot an arrow the same speed as my widow that is 62#@29" and I just got my KAP limbs that are 55#@29" that are painted black from DAS. The bow shoots great and has no shock at all. I had a friend shoot it this past week and he thought the same as I do that it doesn't make you feel like you have to release it when you get to full draw it is that smooth. I have it set up shooting off of the plunger rest and am still playing with it. It is nice to be able to move your groups around with it and put them right where you look. I tuned the bow and shot my best NFAA score (255) with it after just a short time of playing with the bow. My best before with the Widow was a 245. I may be retireing the Widow this bow is so nice to shoot. Chris.
Jim Pritchard
23 Sep 2005
I have had my DAS for a little less than two weeks. It's the best of the 20 odd bows I've owned. My shooting is improving and should continue to get better as I become more familar with the bow. Mine is fast, quiet and extremely stable. There isn't much to add to the comments above. I'm totally sold.
Bill Carlsen
23 Sep 2005
I am almost 62 years old and have had a bow in my hand since I was 8 years old. In all that time I have never shot a bow that is in the same class as the DAS bow. It is smooth shooting, fast, dead in the hand and accurate. For hunting its quietness is extremely appreciated. I got the first DAS I purchased for my wife. It was so nice I had to get one for myself. Rather than go through all the learning curve stuff we went through to get the most performance from them I can summarize here. One is that you will get percetible enhancements in shooting and performance in accord with the limbs you get. The Winex limbs are the best. We started off shooting off the shelf as the bows were meant to be hunting bows and that is how we have hunted. However, the DAS bows call for high performance set ups so we are now shooting an elevated rest and a plunger. This set up allows for precise tuning and, once again, the improvement in performance was noticeable. I did purchase the package with the stabilizer but have found it to be borderline in improving perfomance for me. The bow quiver and bracket are just something I have not yet learned to be comfortable with on the bow but will try again after this hunting season to shoot with it as a bow quiver, to me, is the least cumbersome way to carry arrows around the woods. The brass weight on the handle affords extremely good balance and helps me with good follow through. My shooting has not been this good in at least 25 years. Most people that have shot one of our bows has almost always had that look of "shock and awe" after shooting that first arrow. Once they have tried the bow one arrow has not been enough. People just keep shooting it in order to verify what they experienced on that first arrow. Usually they hand back the bow with a look of disbelief and/or joy at having found THE bow that they have been looking for. That includes several that have owned and/or who shoot Warf bows. My hat is off to David Soza for his quest for devloping this bow. It is about time the trad archery community had a bow like this. If nothing else, David has raised the bar on all aspects of hunting bow performance. So far this year I have killed one bear and one spike horned white tail and our seaon is still very young. There will be a disproportionate number of animals taken with these bows as they raise you level of confidence in your equipment and shooting skills. Thanks, again, David.
22 Sep 2005
This bow has made me a better archer/hunter. The abiliity to shoot lighter arrows at amazing low noise levels has added at least 5 yds in the woods. The bow has no real rival when you look at all it can do. Custom grips, adjustable draw weight, ILF that can be changed in & out. The most impressive feature of the bow is just a how well it shoots very accurate with no handshock and the noise is a hunters dream.
21 Sep 2005
Hands down...the DAS is the absolutely best bow I have ever had the pleasure to shoot...extremely fast, extremely quiet, extremely forgiving, extremely accurate and curvy

I have yet to shoot a hunting bow that comes close to what the DAS achieves all in one bow...and I have shot quite a few.


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