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bow season getting good n rbrison.talon
was looking through some of the blogs on here and thought that there should be some new ones. love the trad hunt dont really care if i kill anything.for me ,just being out there is enough. hey anyone have some 75lb limbs for a hoyt talon?
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The way I see it. blackwidowbowman observations of a longtime traditional bowhunter and recovering target archer. [no messages]
Estacado Musings estacado Barebow shooting thoughts and philosophy, some thoughts on the SRF on occasion. [no messages]
[untitled] windarrow [no description] [no messages]
just starting out on this newbie bowman Alright, I will be the first to admit that I am walking in unfamiliar territory here..I have a bear compound bow and the cam broke the very first time I tried to use it.(UGH!!!) I bought it at a garage sale and decided that it would be something nice to do with my kids. Well, now that it is broke I am looking at converting it into a take down recurve but i don't have the faintest idea as to how to do that. So I guess any help on this would greatly be appreciated.<br /><br /> [no messages]
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