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Babalings of a Beginer Bo Glinmoesir Getting started in the world of bowyers and archery. Sharing my thoughts and experiences. 01 Dec 2005
Selfbows Steve Harville Making and shooting selfbows
Note: Pictures are thumbnails, click them to see the details.
17 Sep 2005
Shakes Space Shakes.602 Just My Little Old Corner of Cyberspace. 04 Aug 2005
The Journey Dark Knight Here I will attempt to chronicle my experiences in Jamaica as part of a missionary team from the very beginning to the aftermath of what I faced. 25 Jul 2005
Swamp Blog Ronan My journal of archery and hunting experiences. 09 Jun 2005
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help shane morton I am a new trad shooter. I am in the process of having a bob lee take down recurve built for myself. It is going to be 56'' long with a 50 - 53# drawl. My drawl length is 25''. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long my arrows should be cut. Oh and what kind of front weight should I have. If you can help that will be great. Thanks [no messages]
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Aiming the Arrow PeachyDave Im am old pistol competitor but a novice bow shooter (too new to call myself a bowman). My equipment is good (BW) but a Longbow doesn't have sights. WHAT DO BOWMAN USE? WHAT REFERENCE POINT? Some bowmen I've chatted with, guard this information like it was the recepe to Bush's Beans and the others all have a different recommendation. One archer tolde it was all INSTINCTIVE. Instinctive; yea, right, "instinct" both at 15 & 40 yards. Who is he kidding! [no messages]
Pearson Grey Ghost ronnietheace Does anyone have a single cam Pearson Grey Ghost compound bow that they can measure the bow string length for me. I broke mine, and I don't know how to get the correct length. Thanks [no messages]
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