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Thursday, 14 July 2011

i didn't think i'd ever do it again but here i am back building arrows from wood.

i have, over the past few years, adopted carbons as my mainstay arrow shafting and i'm not at all dissatified with their performance

there is one factor that i will fault them on, though; noise. i cannot quite get my bows as silent as i would like when shooting carbons (and many aluminum, for that matter.)

it's simple: the carbons and aluminum are TUBING and tubing transmits noise more readily than a solid wood shaft AND the lighter carbon does not have enough mass to absorb enough of the energy transmitted from the bow to the arrow to have a perfectly quiet shot.

i've dampened strings with silencers of all sort, installed pads and limb vibration absorbing devices of all sorts and padded any moving part(s) necessary and still cannot achieve the perfect noise level for one reason or another.

seems to me like i never had as much difficulty when i was shooting wooden arrows only.

a side note: i've never had problems silencing a longbow. that, in its self, tells me string contact with the bow limbs has MUCH to do with the silencing factor, too...

anyway, i've decided to try again with the woodies.

i simply purchased some hardwood doweling from Lowes and straightened, stained and i'm flectching  for a new trial with some lighter woodies for my lighter recurves...if it works, i will probably go back to the wood full time. they seem to have soooo much more 'appeal' to me for some reason. old habits die hard.



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