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Thursday, 04 August 2005

        Well I Finished the Bow& Arrow Rack! It looks Great, but...........There is Always a But. My Arrows will NOT stay in the Rack without a Bow Being Stored Right in front of the Fletchings!smile Its kinda Funny, at least My Girlfriend and My Daughter think so............ I move a Bow, and ALL 25 Arrows go crashing down BEHIND the Couch!! Oh yeah, Just a LOAD of Laffs!! hahaha

           I KNOW I have some High Density Foam Insulation Material that they used at my EX Employer to keep the Water Pipes from Sweating. I used some to keep my Arrows in a Big Arrow Box I built many moons ago, and it works Great!! Now all I have to do is Remember WHERE I put it when I moved into this Place! THAT is the Challenge!!

             Oh well, its Always Something. Gonna do some Shooting tomorrow, I got the Itch Real Bad to Fling a Few Arrows!! I also have another half-dozen Woodies in the Pipline to Finish up, and maybe Sell! I LOVE to Make Arrows, and if I can sell a Few, it helps Support my "Little" Hobby!smile

                Thats All for Me tonight, Good Shooting Everybody!!!

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Wednesday, 08 June 2005

   I just spent the past 2 hours out in my Oven of a Garage working on my Newest Creation: A 6 Bow BowRack that will also display 25 Arrows. I want to put a nice little Cabinet at the bottom to stash Stuff in, but havent decided exactly how I want to do it yet. Thats about the Excitement for Me today! Hope to work some more later, after the sun goes down some.

  That and I need to make a Trip to Wally World for some 7/8 Dowel rods I am using for Bow Hanging Pegs. I learned that I cant cut them suckers straight on a Scroll Saw. Aloha y'all!!

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Tuesday, 07 June 2005

  Well, I am a Newbie at this "BLOG" Business so I dont Guarantee Anything! I just started on 6 New Wood Arrows this evening, and am still trying to figure out exactly how I am going to Crest them. I really enjoy making my own Arrows. Granted, they arent "Matched" like the Professionals, but I am not a Professional. I just like to make them, and if they go where I aim them thats all the Better!!

  I have been making Arrows for about 6 months, and so far..... so good! They fly out of my Pearson 'Curve and my Old Ben Longbow just Dandy!! I dont Hunt, and I have Absolutely Nothing Against those who do either. Its just not my Gig. I do enjoy Target, Paper & 3D, and Good Old Stumpin'!! Well, I guess thats enough Ramblin' for now! Aloha Y'all!!

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