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Thursday, 09 June 2005

June 9, 2005


Well I had a medievel archery event this past weekend.  I shot 4 arrows all weekend.  The first thing I do upon arriving on site was to throw my back out as I'm getting out of my car.  Then I spend the next 7 hours on my feet directing traffic.  All on 2.5 hours of sleep.  On Saturday I find out that I'm supposed to compete in a combat tournament but no one knows when the thing starts.  So I help out a friend in their archery booth then I have to attend court.  Lots of running around and not much shooting.  All said and done on Sunday I go over to the archery range and spend the morning acting as the range marshal.  I manage to get 4 arrows off before I realize that I have to start tear down of the range facilities.  And the topper I ran the battery dead in my wife's Cherokee and it stalled out on me two more times on my way home.

Once my back heals though I'm shooting again.   Ronan

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