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Thursday, 15 February 2007

I will begin to chronicle my thoughts regarding my equipment, my recent switch from RH to LH shooting, and personal shooting and hunting experiences. I consider myself quite a novice in the great world of traditional archery, but I like the passion, purity, and challenge of what the stick and string has to offer. 

Life is about change and progression, I feel that some change is good, if it has meaning and purpose.  My journey into recurves and longbows has given me much more pleasure that the compound world ever has; even without the high body counts and full freezers.  I suppose one day I will finally get my first deer in the traditional way.... but I know that I have to leave the training wheels behind.  2007-2008 is the year that I am resolved to make this happen, this is what I consider to be good change. 

Stay tuned as I forge onward.

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