30 years a longbowman
30 years a longbowman
A lifetime of shooting and learning when it comes to the longbow. I will layout the 30 year journey for myself and any that may be interested.
Saturday, 02 December 2006
Over 30 years ago I had the fortune (maybe it was misfortune) to be shooting at a friends' house.  I always thought myself to be a very good shot.  Had won many tournaments barebow style with compounds. (2 years only.. have to qualify this first off)  anyhow I digress..  I had been shooting very well this day and my buddy told me he had a bow that he doubted I could even hit a target with at 15 yards.  Now, this was a challenge if I ever heard one!  Being as cocky as I am, I told him I could shoot any bow after a couple of quick shots to feel the bow out.  I would show this guy he was out in the field all alone on this one. 

He went in the house and came back out with a HUGE!!!!! longbow - this thing was 72 inches long - 68 lbs. @ 28 inches and WOW!  Now I could handle bows in the 85# + range so I wasn't worried at all.  I pulled out an arrow and drew - man it drew easy - no let-off or break in the draw.  I anchored, then released.  Hit 5 yards in front of the target.  took out another arrow and drew back - released -DANG - over the target this time.  OK - I got this thing figured out!  Nocked another arrow - drew and released - hit 3 feet to the right this time.  Closer to the target but no cigar. 

To make a longer story short - I shot over 50 arrows at that target and hit it once!  I was humbled to say the least.  I looked at my buddy who was in hysterics (Real Funny)  I asked him if he could hit the target - he drew and smacked it dead center.  MAN THIS INFURIATED me.  Not at him but at myself.  I looked at him and asked him to sell me the bow - he laughed and told me no.  I kept on him and finally he gave in.  I gave him my compound and told him to sell it.  I went home, and for the next 6 months I shot 150-200 arrows a day out of it.  By the time spring came around I was ready and entered in several archery tournaments locally.  Now here is the kicker - I was the only one shooting a stick so I had to compete against the compound guys (barebow) the same guys I shot against with my compound. My first shoot I came in second place!!!  Man did I feel good.  It was a heck of a lot of work to get there but I never ever regretted it nor have I looked back since.  This is one of those stories that continues - Come back for more when ya'll have a chance.
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