My lessons in bow hunting
My lessons in bow hunting
Just a spot for me to track my journey into trad bows
Friday, 01 September 2006
Today I am ordering my first bow from Kelly Peterson, a 63" 45#@28" bow and a half dozen arrows to get started with. I still need to go buy an armguard, tips, stringer, and glove. I also want a back quiver as well. I am really excited to get it and try shooting it. Last night I went to Gander Mountain to pull a 45# and 50# bow and it felt great, I hate the feel of my compound it just feels even more unnatural after pulling back a recurve. I will still use the compound for Deer until i can learn to shoot my recurve and possibly drop some cash on a 55 or 60 # recurve in a year or so.
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