Adventures in Archery
Adventures in Archery
A roving story of how I "feed the need" to shoot a bow
Thursday, 27 April 2006
I hate to say this but with my current setup, i am getting bored of archery.  I don't feel like I can improve anymore than I am right now.  I am beyond solid fiberglass but not at the DAS Kinetic stage.  I want a bow that shoots straighter than I can.  Of course the answer is money money money.  Buy a bow and ye shall recieve. 

I am rethinking what my setup will be. I have always wanted to shoot target.  Bowfishing seemed like fun but I find myself really wanting to go fulltime target.  It affects the bow I will be getting.   Target bows are made differently than hunting bows.  My third setup would just be for target when I got it.  I think I should swap it and get a target now and a bowfishing setup later.

Arrgggg, choices choices

est money for new setup: ~250
money saved:  0 smile

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Friday, 21 April 2006
Shot today in the heat of the sun.  Wears you out fast.  After playing around with other folks suggestions on where to anchor,
I have chosen an anchor point for myself.  It is olympic style with the string touching my nose, lips and just to the left of the center of my chin.  I feel it makes for a better shot and my body orientation to the bow is better.

I have been noticing some shot anticipation when i release.  Need to work on keeping everything still.

estimated cost of new setup: ~250
money saved: 0 smile
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Thursday, 20 April 2006
Current setup:

50" 20-25lbs @ 28 solid fiberglass bow
6 golden tip carbon arrows with 75 grain easy out tips
a damacus style glove
a never-pinch neet calf hair tab
an armguard

Setup I would like to have:
60" Quinn Stingray 45lbs @28

ARE magnetic rest

money needed: ~250
money saved: 0 smile

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