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3 30 years a longbowman

A lifetime of shooting and learning when it comes to the longbow. I will layout the 30 year journey for myself and any that may be interested.
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2 Selfbows

Making and shooting selfbows
Note: Pictures are thumbnails, click them to see the details.
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2 ramblings of an archery a

my thoughts, projects, experiences and reactions to my archery and archery related things in my day to day "going on's" ...
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4 1 Buck's World

A work in progress
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5 1 Toxalot's Topics

A place for ideas, idioms, and idiosyncracies that apply to the sport of archery.
6 1 The Journey

Here I will attempt to chronicle my experiences in Jamaica as part of a missionary team from the very beginning to the aftermath of what I faced.
7 1 Babalings of a Beginer Bo

Getting started in the world of bowyers and archery. Sharing my thoughts and experiences.
8 1 Shakes Space

Just My Little Old Corner of Cyberspace.
9 1 Adventures in Archery

A roving story of how I "feed the need" to shoot a bow
10 1 Swamp Blog

My journal of archery and hunting experiences.

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