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Old 04-20-2017, 07:19 PM
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Just recently (maybe a week ago) a member here asked about strings for a Border CH to which our member Breathn here (John's Customs) promptly responded where he had tried 8125, 8190 and Fast Flight Plus where of the 3?...He liked the FF+ string material best and with that?...

I promptly PM'ed him asking if he'd being willing to make me strings out of the FF+ string material for both my Hex7.5 CH and my Hex7 Tempest rig which he did and they arrived Priority Mail today!

In our conversing John mentioned a couple things too was that these would be "Endless Loop" (and not Flemish twist) as he feels the served ends track cleaner in the string grooves and the second thing he mentioned (that I was happy to hear) was that he uses Majesty for his serving material...and I was happy to hear that because while I know I've loosed at least a couple thousand shots off the string that's on my CH?...the center serving was already getting a little past "fuzzy" where the nock leaves the string and I felt this sort of wear to be a bit premature where I'd be better served with a more durable serving material and John delivered and I also went with his color choices for my CH which were Light Green & Tan w/ a Black Pinstripe...

and it did look quite tasteful on my CH...

I also thought the two different color end loop servings were a neat touch and I'd pit the quality of John's wraps against the best I've seen as not only were his strands well organized...

but his servings were cleanly done & tight...

So how did it play out?...

From fresh off the paper clip with no twists added or taken away my CH braced at 7 3/8ths"...this is 3/8ths over the max recommended but I felt certain all that (and maybe more) would stretch out and go away as I shot it in and?...

After 12 Shots: It was at 7 1/4" BH too the front of the serving (loosing 1/8th")

After 24 Shots: It was at 7 1/4" BH

After 48 Shots: It was at 7 1/4" BH

After 100 Shots: It was at 7 1/4" BH too the middle of the serving.

Sound Wise?:

While my ears could (just barely) detect that the tightly wrapped served ends were coming into the limbs string grooves harder? just seemed a difference in tone and type of noise but nothing I'd term as actually being any louder...and this is with no string leeches like were on the string it replaced.

John?...Thanks so much man!...The strings are real nice and now I can't wait to get the other one on the Tempest!
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