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Old 03-19-2017, 09:01 PM
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Default Perception

Sam started an interesting topic on the political forum. Perception. Well there is another aspect of perception besides whether we are concerned with how others perceive us or not. That is how we are seen vs what we really are in our heart. One aspect of that discussion which I see can pertainain to the Christian Fellowship Forum is the "warrior" in us or the lack of "the warrior's heart" in us.

I don't think many of us have this heart. Who among us will go into harms way when we are told to? What percentage of the population will willingly volunteer to serve in Special Forces or elite combat units? How many among us are willing to give our life for God, Family or Country? ( In that poll many said they would, but like Peter, will the cock crow two or three times before they find out they really don't have that kind of courage?

Something in my heart and I'm sure in the hearts of many here on these forums we participate in on Tradtalk have a deep gratitude and respect for those who have or still do. Very likely some of us have and very likely some of us have been found lacking.

We all like to think we will put it all on the line for our family. Nice thought, but how many in this country even stay around long enough to see their children grow up and mature? How many are now willing to let someone else serve and protect them? God, Family, Country. Finally, the first that is last in the poll but listed as first when it comes to how we want to be perceived (by some) is God. Our nation now has it backwards if we even still have it at all. God is last and that may well be why we have turmoil everywhere we look today.

If you believe you serve God, Family and Country (even if in a different order) let me ask this. How many here can say that they know that God has told them to do something, in service to His kingdom, and have obeyed? When we pass from this life into the next will Jesus be able to say He knew you personally and that you also know Him personally, having responded to the will of God?
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