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: The Philosophical Archer

  1. Archers with Stars
  2. Critical Thinking and the Promotion of Useful Archery Knowledge
  3. Types of thinking
  4. Archers who Hunt
  5. Of what utility is a leisure pastime (Archery)???
  6. Chants of India
  7. Maybe we don't shoot as bad as we think?
  8. Does shooting better make you a better bowhunter?
  9. Are you passionate?
  10. the difference between tools and weapons
  11. Doing it the hard way.
  12. Whats going on in these people heads
  13. Hype? WHAT hype?
  14. instinctive shooting - not according to science
  15. Food and Social Evolution
  16. You can aim!!
  17. the cost of ultimate accuracy
  18. How many here thrive on competition???
  19. more archery history
  20. internet teaching: good, bad or indifferent
  21. Analytical types...
  22. Renaming Instinctive to Gestalt Aiming
  23. The value(s) of archery
  24. Limitations are within ones self
  25. Get it?
  26. Where are you getting your info from?
  27. Compound to trad & draw lenght
  28. Philosophical Question
  29. Dreaming of elk
  30. For those who eat what they hunt
  31. youo can't tell a book by it's cover but
  32. troubled by exotic wood?
  33. Interesting Read
  34. is it in your genes??
  35. Doing it the hard way...
  36. How Many of you are illegal?
  37. The Big Archery Question – Instinctive?
  38. Positive Thinking?
  39. If a Penguin
  40. Attitude,what's Up
  41. Deer hunting = combat???
  42. Why not just shoot a compound!?
  43. A Bowhunter's Writer
  44. Stereotypes come from Stereotypical Behavior
  45. I think I suffer from competition addiction
  46. Is Mandatory Hunting Safety Hurting Us
  47. COuld howard hill be to blame for traditional archery's downfall?
  48. New York Times reports the decline of Hunting
  49. The secret to success
  50. Paid high fence trophy hunts
  51. How stupid are you?
  52. Red Marbles
  53. Zen and archery
  54. The unimportance of accuracy?
  55. Why Does It Matter?
  56. This place has slowed down
  57. Online games make you a better archer ?
  58. Trad jazz
  59. shooting lesson
  60. i was just reading a story
  61. Innovation
  62. Dumbing down 3D
  63. Philosophical Dilemma
  64. What Is Archery To You
  65. Judgmental
  66. "The Bow" - posting of which was inspired by Rusty...
  67. Archers being cheated?
  68. spread of the bow in pre columbia americas
  69. Sweet Home...America! What I love best...
  70. The winners influence?
  71. The real score
  72. A teeny, tiny little omission
  73. Ethics and (professional) archery
  74. "William Venator" ?
  75. The wrong of 'animal rights'
  76. Had a student feel the magic this weekend.
  77. The Minuteman
  78. The Irony lay heavy...
  79. Ok Kill Me Now
  80. Slaughter house
  81. funny story
  82. Instant
  83. Don't Laugh at Me
  84. Talent, 'grit' and deliberate practice
  85. Baiting
  86. On reaching 70, by George Will
  87. Sonnet of the Archer
  88. My Journey back from Iraq to the Woods.
  89. How many of you attend a Ren Faire or SCA
  90. The Same But Different
  91. "Keeping Your Head in the Game"
  92. New Archer looking for some assistance
  93. be the change you want to see
  94. zen in practice
  95. stoicism as a means to the end
  96. Paradise Lost?
  97. What price?
  98. "It's worst shortcoming..."
  99. Is technology helping traditional archery?
  100. Magic Archery
  101. Levels of ‘Involvement’.
  102. S.P. quote
  103. Unlearning
  104. Why the anti-sight bias?
  105. Materials, ability etc.
  106. Native American archery
  107. Competition mind game people play.
  108. In defence of the compound bow.
  109. Feeling down
  110. Learning, Reflection, Teaching
  111. Ultra Slo Motion arrow shot!!
  112. DNA and ethics
  113. Foam Core
  114. Evolution of Archery-Pick your spot
  115. what is trad?
  116. What does it mean to be a traditional archer?
  117. Massaranduba aka bulletwood aka Brazilian Redwood
  118. Which bow should I get?
  119. About to purchase a new bow for myself and my 8 y/o daughter
  120. Comparing Target Panic
  121. The opposite of 'craftsmanship'
  122. Barebow Aiming and 3d Shooting
  123. Historical Archers
  124. Carbon based life.
  125. Carbon based life.