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Welcome to the Fast Lane! 

DAS Kinetic bows have ripped down the speed limits and eliminated all the speed bumps.  With lengths from 58 to 62 inches, this bow is the most deadly recurve ever made.  It's smooth, it's stable, it balances like a dream and it's

Whether you want to take your 3D game to a new level or need a hunting bow that really sizzles on extended range shots, the DAS Kinetic breaks all the rules and lets you reach for new levels of shooting performance.

John Magera
Endorsed by John Magera
 2004 US Olympic Team and 2004/2005 US Archery team

Inspired by my good friend Bob Gordon, I have been tinkering around with metal risers and FITA recurve limbs for about two years now, creating what I affectionately called "Frankenbows." These bows always shot better than any wood-risered recurve I'd owned, but there was always something lacking... a few features that I wish I could have, but that the risers just weren't designed for.

When David Soza contacted me about his new project, I admit I was skeptical. Could he actually build the ultimate metal risered hunting and 3-D recurve? He had some pretty grand ideas, and I was happy to offer my advice, but I remained cautiously optimistic about the project until one day, after dozens of e-mails and a lot of anxious waiting, a prototype riser finally arrived. Boy, was I ever blown away when I finally opened that box!

To say that David's bow has exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. It was as if he created the bow I had imagined in my mind for years now. He didn't miss a single detail, and the riser was machined and finished better than most major equipment manufacturer's risers. It was immediately obvious to me that this was no small-time operation, and David was no shade-tree engineer. What I was holding was a bow that the major companies weren't willing to make, even if they could. This is a major breakthrough in recurve archery!

Some of the design elements I suggested for this riser were the 17" length, a replaceable standardized grip, and a tunable shelf/rest so I could continue to shoot off a shelf when hunting. David made sure I got all that and more!

I have been thrilled to be a part of the design team that created the DAS Kinetics bow. It is without question the best designed, finest shooting hunting recurve I've ever laid my hands on. Smooth, quiet and solid as a rock. And the performance has to be seen to be believed. My bow is set up with medium limbs at 60" AMO, and I shoot 50# at my 31.5" draw length. For several days I kept shooting over the target. My point-on distance went from 45 yards to almost 60 yards with this bow!

It IS the ultimate hunting/3-D recurve, without question, and I'm am proud to have played a small part in it's development."

John Magera,
2004 Olympic Team,
2004 & 2005 U.S. Archery Team
& Lifelong Bowhunter.

Genesis 21:20


Well I am 56+ years old and something happened yesterday that is changing my life! My DAS KINETIC HUNTER arrived! Wow has David hit on a winner. I have been shooting top of the line archery equipment most of my adult life. Both compound and recurve. I have bought so many bows that at one time Hoyt had my credit card on file.

I have been on a quest for the perfect hunting weapon, my former bow list reads like a Whos Who of recurve archery!  If you can think of a bowyer, I will probably have had at least one. I have owned them all and still have about 50 or so.
Well guys and gals I am as sure as I have ever been that my search is over! David and his DAS KINETIC Hunter is everything that I have been looking for in a bow. The perfect package. From the first arrow I knew there was something special, like an old friend. Shoots where I look and is very stable and forgiving. I dont know where to begin, its beautiful,the right length, weight, every feature I have been looking for is here! Totally tunable.
58" AMO length with a short strong riser with all the adjustability I need. No hand shock, carbon limbs over 200fps 28" 400 gr. WOW is about all I can say.

Before you think this is a commercial let me tell you that I paid more for this bow than any before in my life. And best of all it is worth it. Any of you who want to shoot this thing make your way to beautiful downtown Worthington Pa. and you are welcome. Warning!!!!! You will have to have one!

 John C., Worthington, PA